Services in English

A professional organizer is an organizing expert. Together with the customer, we create order and harmony in life. We encourage our customers to give up unnecessary goods and organize the remaining goods both systematically and logically.

We help our customers to organize homes, offices and warehouses. We also help our customers with issues related to time management. Professional organizers can also provide training and lectures.

We help deliver unnecessary goods onwards. No goods are taken out without the customer's permission. Purchasing the services of a trained professional organizer is just as common as getting an accountant for a company, hiring a personal trainer for a gym, or subscribing to a service for home maintenance.


Jarna Papinniemi

The services of a certified Konmari consultant and professional organizer.


Pia Heikkurinen

Organisaattori is a disorder eliminator. She is also Event of the Year 2020 executer. Her company portfolio includes Event Services as well as all Professional Organizer services.

Susanne Kousa

Professional organizer services and interior designer.

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Mari Annika Shrestha

I offer Professional Organizer services in English within the Uusimaa area and remotely everywhere. Please, don't hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to help!


Linda Kivistö

Do you need help with organizing your home? I offer professional organizer services in Uusimaa, and would be more than happy to help you. Feel free to contact me!


Sanna Koskinen

Professional organizer services in Joensuu region and remotely. Lets find out the best solution for you together! Please, contact me: I'm here for you! 


Pirjo Hyvönen-Keighley

Professional Organizer services also in english et en francais.



Eeva-Liisa Vainio

Styling and professional organizer services. Operate in Seinäjoki - Vaasa areas. ,
Betjäning också på svenska.  Service also in english


Jenna Seppelvirta

I am 33-year old woman and helping people to organize their homes is my side job. I operate in Tampere and nearby areas. Via Internet I can work anywhere you want. Currently in my dayjob I work with people who have different kinds of disabilities. So naturally that type of clients are in my intrests. I am professional organizer and also an occupational therapist. If you think that I could help you with your organizing challenges, please contact me by email: